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Alcasystem - technical catalogue


INFO 4/2023

  • Flush plates Linka & Dot.Dot.

INFO 3/2023

  • Plastic shower drains with two-sided grid
  • Floor drain with two-sided grid
  • Shower drain APZ12 Optimal – new length variant 650 mm
  • WC systems SLIM now including ventilation
  • Metal white-polished shower trap

INFO 2/2023

  • Metallic matt shades of THIN flush plates
  • Innovation of WC systems – preparation for ventilation already in standard WC systems
  • AM120/1120 – system for your bidet toilet bowl
  • Automatic sanitary pipe flushing through the WC system
  • Mounting frame for urinal with hidden connection
  • The new ceramic bowl WC Solid
  • Outdoor drainage with a new plastic grid
  • Stainless steel strip for a sloped floor in a new length of 1600 mm
  • Remote flushing
  • Alca celebrates 25th anniversary

INFO 1/2023

  • Concealed washing machine trap for connecting two appliances
  • Universal ballast-based mounting system for photovoltaic panels on flat roofs
  • Design Plus ISH 2023 Award for the terrace drainage channel with a grid for embedding tiles or stone


INFO 1/2022

  • Concealed washing machine trap for connecting two appliances
  • Flush plates THIN with tilting mechanism
  • New flush plate MOON
  • Floor drain for vinyl floors
  • Innovation of mounting frames


INFO 4/2021

  • Outdoor drainage system
  • New industrial stainless steel drainage system
  • Extension of Black-matt program
  • Black shower drain with brass grid APZ10BLACK-BRASS

INFO 3/2021

  • Innovation of the pre-wall installation systems ALCA
  • Innovation of WC systems Slim
  • Flush plates with tilting mechanism
  • WC tablets dispenser
  • New design of flush plate TURN
  • Antibacterial flush plate FUN-BLACK
  • Plastic shower drains to the wall
  • Sink waste and trap A80-DN32
  • Stainless steel grid for catching dirt

INFO 2/2021

  • Program INDIVIDUAL – attractive design, premium quality, maximum durability
  • New shower drain lengths of APZ13-DOUBLE9 Fit and Go
  • Shower drain APZ1 in one package with grid LINE
  • WC flexi connector – innovation of the PREMIUM series

INFO 1/2021

  • New fill valves
  • Change of code for WC seats A3550, A3551
  • Shower drain configurator


INFO 10/2020

  • Innovated toilet seats A3550 and A3551 made of antibacterial material and hinges with non-slip sealing
  • Plastic shower drain APZ10BLACK in black-matt design

INFO 6/2020

  • Waste with top cleaning – new construction solution for easier Trap cleaning Marble Low
  • Angle valves – offer expansion, whole sortiment now in chrome, bronze-antic, black-matt & white-matt
  • Innovation for easier and faster installation of plastic linear shower drains

INFO 3/2020

  • Shower drain without edge with grid for embedding tiles APZ15 Marble & APZ115 Marble Low
  • Stainless steel shower drain with fixed vertical flange to the wall and two-sided grid APZ23-DOUBLE9 Fit and Go Wall
  • Pre-wall installation systems for woodenconstruction houses AM101/1120W, AM101/850W & AM112W
  • Flush plate FUN-BRASS for pre-wall installation systems
  • Flush plates THIN in white-matt finish
  • Program white-polished


INFO 5/2019

  • Flush plates THIN M67x and M77x
  • Shower drain APZ13-DOUBLE9 Fit and Go
  • Pre-wall installation systems with top or front actuation AM118, AM119

INFO 3/2019

  • WC flexi connectors PREMIUM
  • Double connectors P155Z, P156Z
  • Easy clean waste outlets A392C, A504CKM, A507CKM
  • Plastic shower drains without odour trap APZ2012C and APZ2022C

INFO 1/2019

  • Flexi pipes PREMIUM
  • Bath waste and traps with flat overflow
  • Extension of the Black-matt program
  • Secondary drainage – shower drains APZ1S, APZ101S
  • Plastic shower drain APZ2022 with stainless steel edge without odour trap
  • Extention of drainage channels range


INFO 9/2018

  • Shower drain APZ1BLACK, APZ101BLACK
  • Shower drain with a stainless steel edge APZ18 Simple

INFO 6/2018

  • Flush plates THIN
  • Shower drain APZ2012 Optimal

INFO 3/2018

  • Touch-free flush plates NIGHT LIGHT
  • Flush plates NIGHT LIGHT won iF Design Award 2018
  • Program black-matt

INFO 1/2018

  • Extension of warranty on pre-wall installation systems and mounting frames on 15 years
  • Extraction fan for pre-wall installation systems with ventilation P128
  • Bidet TREND AC01


INFO 10/2017

  • Unification of the bath waste and trap designs
  • Temporarily unavailable bath wastes and traps A55K, A55KM, A550K and A550KM

INFO 08/2017

  • Plastic shower drains with stainless steel edge
  • Stainless steel floor drains
  • Drainage corner channels

INFO 04/2017

  • Shower drain APZ13 Modular
  • Shower drain APZ16 Wall
  • New prismatic grid
Alcasystem – housing cores
Alcasystem – housing cores
WC system for toilet or seat with bidet function AM120/1120
WC system for toilet or seat with bidet function AM120/1120
Products from recycled material
Products from recycled material
Outdoor drainage system LOW
Outdoor drainage system LOW
Medic Assistant
Medic Assistant
Flexi pipes PREMINUM
Flexi pipes PREMINUM
Plastic linear shower drains with STAINLESS STEEL EDGE
Plastic linear shower drains with STAINLESS STEEL EDGE
Pre-wall installation systems ECOLOGY
Pre-wall installation systems ECOLOGY
Facade and terrace drainage channels
Facade and terrace drainage channels
Plastic linear shower drains
Plastic linear shower drains
Outdoor drains and drainage channels
Outdoor drains and drainage channels
Flexi WC connector A97
Flexi WC connector A97