Product details

Technical parameters

Odour trap50 mm
Flow rate51,6 l/min
Overflow flow rate42 l/min
Resistance of odour trap against the pressure588 Pa
Thermal resistance95 ˚C


  • To drain the water from the bath to the waste
  • For standard size bathtubs
  • For bathtubs with drain outlet Ø52 mm


  • Bath waste and overflow system
  • Wet odour trap with swivel elbow
  • Closing waste by pop-up mechanism
  • Overflow flexi pipe
  • The length of the bathtub trap 57 cm
  • Norms

    EN 274
  • 39229000
Quantity (package) 20 pcs
Quantity (pallet) 320 pcs
Dimensions (piece) 380×85×145 mm
Dimensions (package) 595×435×395 mm
Weight (piece) 0,8476 kg
Weight (package) 16,054 kg
Weight (pallet) 276,864 kg

    Scope of supply

  • Waste and trap body with overflow
  • Metal control knob with PVD surface finish
  • Metal plug with PVD surface finish
  • Metal outlet grid with PVD surface finish
  • Odour trap of polypropylene, thermally and chemically resistant, longitudinally welded
  • Assembly kit
  • Profiled seal
Product codeEANTechnical sheet
A55K-G-B8595580571917Technický list

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