Product details

Technical parameters

Water connectionG1/2 "
Functional range of water pressure0,05 – 1,6 MPa
Recommended range of water pressure0,3 – 0,5 MPa
Big flush3,5 – 6 l
Small flush2 – 4 l
Factory setting of large flush4 l
Factory setting of small flush2 l
Hygienic reserve3 l
Water volume in the cistern9 l
Load test400 kg


  • For wall-hung WC
  • For mounting in front of a support wall or in to a plasterboard construction
  • For mounting into wooden buildings
  • For wall or floor thickness of 0–200 mm
  • For installation of wall-hung WC pans with a connecting pitch of 180 mm or 230 mm


  • Adjustable anchor feet and a spring-lock system, with a range of 0–200 mm
  • Sliding rail holder for the waste connector can be set to eight positions between 0–93 mm
  • Angle valve with the ability to connect to the Mepla piping system
  • The construction of the frame allows anchoring to separate sufficiently load bearing plasterboard partitions or in front of a support wall or side anchoring to wooden frames
  • The installed module is covered with a plasterboard panel and there is no need for any additional fixing or anchoring elements
  • The construction of polystyrene insulation prevents condensation forming on the surface of the tank and dampens the vibrations from the tank into the building structure
  • Prepared for connecting a bracket with a DG 1/2” conversion for bidet seats and sprays
  • Cistern hinges made of two-component material insulate the transmission of vibrations from buildings
  • Possibility of tilting the cistern for easy installation in wooden construction buildings or mobile cells
  • Dual flush independently adjustable with hygienic reserve
  • Suitable for installation of remote or sensor flushing
  • Compatible with all flush plates Alca except sensor flush plates and NIGHT LIGHT
  • Maintenance work without using any tools
  • Water supply from rear / top / side / inside cistern
  • The cistern is made of one piece, thus ensuring 100% impermeability
  • The service opening cover simplifies assembly and prevents the penetration of moisture and impurities
  • Installation depth adjustable from 20–95 mm
  • Installation depth 125 mm
  • Frame material: powder-coated metal
  • Norms

    EN 14124, EN 14055
  • 39229000
Quantity (package) 1 pc
Quantity (pallet) 15 pcs
Dimensions (piece) 1130×145×520 mm
Dimensions (package) 1130×520×145 mm
Weight (piece) 14,0995 kg
Weight (package) 14,0995 kg
Weight (pallet) 231,4925 kg

    Scope of supply

  • Cistern with fill and flush valve
  • Self-supporting frame
  • Fittings 1/2" water connection with the integrated angle valve Schell 1/2–3/8"
  • Fixation set: screw Ø8×60 – 4 pcs, dowel Ø12 – 4 pcs
  • Fixation material for fixing the WC pan: threaded rod M12 – 2 pcs, washers – 4 pcs , cover – 2 pcs, nut – 2 pcs, thread protector – 2 pcs
  • Elbow waste connector HT 90/90 polyethylene, PE-HD
  • Waste reduction HT 90/110 polyethylene, PE-HD
  • Inlet seal, PP outlet, wrapping seal
  • Drainage seal, PP connector, connector seal
  • End-caps set for protecting the connecting holes during installation of the system
  • The 2 piece cover of the service opening is simply adjustable
M0005-ND Water supply ring A100
M955-ND Set for changing mechanism screwes AM
P167-ND Angle valve with T-piece
P168-ND Angle valve holder set
Product codeEANTechnical sheet
AM101/850W8595580565015Technický list