Product details

Technical parameters

Water connection from the back or top via mounting holesG1/2 "
Functional range of water pressure0,05 – 0,8 MPa
Recommended range of water pressure0,3 – 0,5 MPa
Big flush3,5 – 6 l
Small flush2 – 4 l
Factory setting of large flush4 l
Factory setting of small flush2 l
Hygienic reserve2 l
Water volume in the cistern9 l
Load test400 kg


  • For wall-hung WC with flushing volume of 2/4 l
  • For walling in and around the bearing wall – wet process
  • For installation of wall-hung WC pans with a connecting pitch of 180 mm or 230 mm


  • Mounting bracket ensures high rigidity of the toilet connection to the wall
  • Dimensions and construction of the console simplify installation
  • The construction of the polystyrene insulation simplifies the process of walling-in, prevents condensation forming on the surface of the tank and dampens the vibrations from the tank into the building structure
  • Dual flush independently adjustable with hygienic reserve
  • Water-saving flushing: 2 l small flush, 4 l large flush
  • Suitable for installation of remote or sensor flushing
  • Compatible with all ALCA flush plates
  • The cistern is made of one piece, thus ensuring 100% impermeability
  • Water supply from the rear/top
  • Maintenance work without using any tools
  • The service opening cover simplifies assembly and prevents the penetration of moisture and impurities
  • Mounting height 1062 mm
  • Installation depth adjustable from 20–95 mm
  • Installation depth 125 mm
  • Necessary to wall under or use supporting feet M90
  • Material of the support brackets: powder-coated metal
  • Norms

    EN 14124, EN 14055
  • 39229000
Quantity (package) 1 pc
Quantity (pallet) 20 pcs
Dimensions (piece) 1050×480×140 mm
Dimensions (package) – mm
Weight (piece) 7,4607 kg
Weight (package) – kg
Weight (pallet) 170 kg

    Scope of supply

  • Tank with inlet and Ecology outlet valve
  • Mounting bracket
  • Fittings 1/2" water connection with the integrated angle valve Schell 1/2–3/8"
  • Fixation set: screw Ø8×60 – 2 pcs, screw Ø4,8×38 – 2 pcs, dowel Ø12 – 2 pcs, dowel Ø8 – 2 pcs
  • Fixation material for fixing the WC pan: threaded rod M12 – 2 pcs, washers – 4 pcs , cover – 2 pcs, nut – 2 pcs, thread protector – 2 pcs
  • Elbow waste connector HT 90/110 polyethylene, PE-HD
  • Inlet seal, PP outlet, wrapping seal
  • Drainage seal, PP connector, connector seal
  • End-caps set for protecting the connecting holes during installation of the system
  • Service opening cover is simply adjustable, screws 4 pcs
  • Telescopic mounting brackets 2 pcs
M0017C-ND Inlet fill valve bracket (range AM)
M0021-ND Inlet sealing (WC modules)
M0023-ND Wrapping seal 45×58×25 (WC modules)
M0026-ND Waste sealing (WC modules)
M0028-ND Coupler sealing
M0029-ND Waste pipe holder
M0039-ND Sleeve
M0046-ND Console pipe
M0080-ND Sleeve lid
M0200K-ND Console
M0243-ND Nut for angle valve bracket
M0506-ND WC cistern hinge support
M0507-ND WC cistern hinges
M903-ND Threaded rods + accessories
MN0091-ND Frame sleeve
MN0092-ND Frame for WC module sleeve (range A)
MN0115-ND Pipe with O-ring for module range AM
P068-ND Angle valve with holder and nut, set
P165-ND Angle valve SCHELL with bracket and nut