Product details


  • For trap APZ-S6 and floor drain APV110
  • For areas that are expected to have low usage of the shower enclosure


  • Mechanical closure and the water column prevent the penetration of odours from the sewer
  • Material: polypropylene resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal damage
  • 39269097
Quantity (package) 1 pc
Quantity (pallet) - pc
Dimensions (piece) 51×51×36 mm
Dimensions (package) - mm
Weight (piece) 0,03 kg
Weight (package) 0,03 kg
Weight (pallet) - kg
APV110 Floor drain stainless steel extra-low 130×130 mm side outlet, without grid, Combined odour trap SMART
Z1020-ND Shaped sealing for odour trap
Z1021-ND Trap sealing
Product codeEANTechnical sheet
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