Education of employees

28The company Alca plast servis, LLC believes that staff development is one of the best investments which a company can insert into its business.
In accordance with the latest trends in HR we are gradually trying for a comprehensive and systematic approach to work with the employees, including their personality and professional potential. In May 2013 has the company successfully started implementing a two-year project "Equal opportunities in education services for employees of Alca plast service, LLC", which is co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Operational Programme Human Resources and Employment and the state budget.




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The main objective of this project is to develop a system of training for company employees in respect of equal opportunities for women and men, thereby helping to improve the services of the company and its overall development. The project is primarily aimed at broadening and deepening the scope of professional knowledge in their professional field in accordance with the requirements of competence models of key professions, skills of employees and thus increase the quality and portfolio of services provided to customers in a sustainable education system.

The project is implemented mainly in the training center Alca Academy. Within the non-technical vocational education and particular vocational technical education will be trained a total of 86 people. In its activities, the project also involves the utilization of the potential of older workers, especially after the project, when these workers will find employment in the position of an mentor, or an internal trainer.



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