Saves time and manpower

AlcaSystem can replace both brick and plasterboard walls. It can be used in large development projects but also in the construction of family houses or reconstructions. Prefabricated walls imported to the construction site significantly speed up work and save time and costs. The larger the project, the grater the savings.

and clean construction

The wall consists of three basic components, which can be easily assembled together. Afer a short training the installation can be done by one low-skilled person.No construction activity pause is required as it is a dry process, including covering the wall with plasterboards.

and perfectly flat surfaces

AlcaSystem profiles are perfectly straight as connecting with corner couplers always ensures a right angle. After placing the wall in the space, a perfectly flat and solid wall is created, ready to be covered with plasterboard. There is no risk of bending plasterboard or cracking tiles.

High wall load capacity

AlcaSystem can be installed as a pre-wall or as a free-standing self-supporting wall. It is tested and certified in German MPA testing laboratories for an eccentric load capacity of up to 400 kg.

Sound insulation
and fire resistance

AlcaSystem has a certification for a sound insulation according to DIN 4109 and fire protection according to EN1364-3, which corresponds to European standards.

Low weight,
height strength

The material used for the production of AlcaSystem components excels in low weight and at the same time high strength. The prefabricated wall, including integrated sanitary ware and piping systems, can be carried in hand by 2 persons.


Prefabrication of the walls saves time on the construction site. It can be brought completely finished with already integrated sanitary ware and piping systems. It is easy to transport and to handle thanks to its low weight. The wall is perfectly flexible, so it can be simply adapted to the particular space directly on the construction site.


The production of profiles and all accessories takes place in the Czech Republic. We also hold stock as for our other Alca products. Thanks to this

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Solution for any space

AlcaSystem is absolutely modular. It can be used as a pre-wall or as a free-standing self-supporting partition in a space. The system can be arbitrarily combined into an L or X shapes and fit into any space. The dimensions of AlcaSystem walls are not limited in any way, you can create a wall of any width and height. The wall can also be chamfered at any angle for sloping ceilings, it can also create construction openings for doors or windows. All sanitary ware and water piping system are always integrated inside.

Everything from one manufacturer

The walls are produced by the Czech group Alca Group, which integrates the two largest Czech manufacturers of sanitary ware and piping systems - Alca and FV Plast. This guarantees 100% compatibility of all components and first-class quality proven by years of development.

ALCASYSTEM vše od jednoho výrobce

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Alcasystem prefabricated bathroom system walls

New direction for the renovation of housing cores
Your prefabricated bathroom in block of flats will reach the end of its lifecycle one day. When this happens, a complete renovation of the housing core is usually required.
We have an alternative solution for you – smart construction Alcasystem.

Alcasystem katalog

Alcasystem WC sets

Universal WC sets were created by combination of the system wall and the WC system, which significantly saves time when installing the toilet in prepared niches.

Alcasystem set


Alcasystem in practice – presentation video

Installation of Alcasystem wall

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