"This year, Alca is participating in the 25th Designblok as an exhibitor. We decided to create a unique exhibition from the new series of stylish flush plates Linka and Dot.Dot. in cooperation with their author Lucie Koldová. They are exposed from October 4 to 8 in Veletržní palác, Prague. "

Incredible 680 rotary flush plates.

The visitors can not only look them but also touch or even turn. The wall, made of the 680 rotary flush plates, immediately attracts attention with its minimalist appearance and interactivity – guests can use it to leave a personal message, create shapes or simply relax by turning the plates. "The theme of this year's Designblok is the journey. The wavy shape of the wall suggests a sea wave, which has been a symbol of travelling for centuries," explains Petr Neumann, head of Alca Marketing Department, who was in charge of the project.

"The theme of this year's Designblok is the journey. The wavy shape of the wall suggests a sea wave, which has been a symbol of travelling for centuries,"
head of Alca Marketing Department, Petr Neumann

Flush plates Dot.Dot and Linka

When the owners Radka Prokopová and František Fabičovic thought about the symbolic gift to Alca for its 25th birthday, they thought about several options. Finally they decided on a new series of toilet flush plates, which will stand out both in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Result? "We have created an elegant flush plate that is beautifully rounded and user-friendly," presents Radka Prokopová and adds: "We didn't want to follow the path of revolution, but rather evolution. Basically we've done a facelift of the flush plate that is fully compatible with all our WC systems, just like we're used to."

Dominant circles and sharp lines

The interior designers work with two main principles of shapes – circles or straight lines. That is also why were created the flush plates underlining these two styles.

Dot.Dot flush plate stands out with two circles, while the soft ripple of the gradual indentation around the main button symbolizes the stream of water draining away, suggesting a large flush without any additional graphics. ""The contrast between the minimalistic circle in the plate and the one with a peripheral ripple gives the toilet flush plate a new look and character,"" says designer Lucie Koldová about Dot.Dot.

The second form of the minimalist concept is the flush plate Linka. The flush plate is inspired by the shapes and lines of modern architecture. The dominant and exact line of the protruding button is pleasantly softened by the peripheral ripple. The flush plate complements the interior with a subtle elegant design,"" explains Lucie Koldová.

Designer Lucie Koldová focused on working with the plasticity of the base plate. The matt surface finish with anti-fingerprint treatment gives the flush plate series a sense of nobleness and increases their comfort of use even more. The special antibacterial layer prevents the multiplication of unwanted bacteria on their surface, thus guaranteeing cleanliness at every touch. Need any more reasons why you must have them?

Dominant circles and sharp lines

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