The range of pre-wall installation systems ALCA is designed to be able to cover all possible uses. This includes not only building into solid walls, dry build up into plasterboard but also an option to install the system into open bathroom spaces.

15 years warranty
Made in Czech Republic
We keep spare parts for 25 years
100% Compatibility of flush plates

An innovative WC module that more than 3,000 Czech and Slovak plumbers helped us develop.

Systems for building into solid walls and dry build up

Each project requires its own solution. Alca WC systems are designed to meet the requirements for both classic masonry construction as well for modern light materials.

Simple installation and maintenance

We strive to make working with the WC system as easy as possible for our assemblers and plumbers. That's why all required accessories are included in every packaging. Whether it is material for connecting the toilet bowl, complete anchoring material or the necessary installation covers. In addition, we have equipped our systems with a feet brake and EASY LOCK wall mounting kit.

We guarantee the availability of spare parts for 25 years, which you can find at your installation technology seller. Technical support is also available.

Advantages of pre-wall installation systems Alca

We have been supplying ALCA WC systems all over the world for more than 15 years. During that time, together with 3,000 plumbers and assemblers, we brought them to perfection.

We are particularly pleased with the discreet tablet freshener, ventilation with immediate elimination of unwanted odours or special systems for unusual spaces.

A large selection of flush plates and their compatibility

From the beginning of the production of WC systems, we at Alca rely not only on functionality, but also on elegance. For that reason, we bring several series of flush plates that can add a unique touch to every bathroom.

Our flush plates are backwards compatible. So you can install the one you like in your bathroom.

Types of WC systems Alca