Significant employer

The Alca Group is not just an association of manufacturing companies. It is also an important employer in the South Moravian and Central Bohemian regions, where it offers over 1 000 jobs.
We invest in our employees in the long term, we provide them with professional courses and training to improve their qualifications, and we offer language courses for employees and their children.

Production with zero waste

We also invest in environmentally friendly production in the long term. The reduction of the negative impact of its production on the environment is one of the company's top priorities.
Our environmental protection strategy is clean production, in which the creation of waste is limited or its creation is directly prevented. Therefore, when designing production processes, we examine what kind of waste the given production process will produce, and we look for a way to minimize it and reuse it in the same production process or in the production of other products or components.
In the production process, we reuse up to 90% of the waste, the remaining waste is recycled and serves as an input for another of our production processes. We sort waste that cannot be recycled internally and have it processed ecologically by specialized companies.

Efficient use of energy

During the production process, a large amount of waste heat is generated, which in winter we use to heat buildings, in the warm months it serves as an input to the trigeneration system, in which the absorption cooling unit transforms it into cold. This is used for air-conditioning production halls or cooling hydraulic equipment in production.
We then supplement the purchase of electricity with our own production of electricity from renewable sources. Photovoltaic power plants located on the roofs of all production halls participate in the supply of energy for the production process.

Water saving

Clean water is one of the most important raw materials for social and economic development. Its consumption is still growing, according to a study by the United Nations, by 2025 two thirds of humanity will be below the limit of sufficient water or will even suffer from a lack of it.
The topic of efficient use of water is a priority for us not only in the production of our products, but also in the everyday life of the inhabitants of the Earth. That's why we developed the ALCA ECOLOGY WC system, which includes a drain valve, which makes it possible to reduce the required amount of water to the minimum of 2/4 liters of water allowed by the standard, thus saving up to 33% of water with each flush.

Recyclable products and packaging

Although our products are designed and tested for a long service life and some of them serve our customers practically their entire lives, they are made from 100% recyclable materials. We use this especially in production, where we recycle all plastic waste back into the production process.
We also choose recyclable materials for the packaging of our products. We use the minimum amount of packaging material given by the minimum standard so that no excess waste is created. It goes without saying that the packaging is marked with the method of recycling.

Investment in landscape restoration

We try to set an example not only with our ecological production and energy-saving products, but also with our active involvement in nature protection and the reclamation of the landscape, which man has damaged by his actions in the past.
František Fabičovic - co-owner of the Alca Group - is one of the founders and a long-term supporter of the South Moravia biosphere reserve, which was accepted into the UNESCO global network and is considered one of the best in the world.
The owners of the company also invest part of their profits in nature conservation every year, twenty-five years ago they started building the Obelisk Nature Reserve, a unique and valued landscape project with an area of five hundred and forty hectares, thanks to which lost water returned to the soil as well as hundreds of species of plants and animals.

We support education

We have long-term cooperation with schools throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We support young apprentices, high school students and university students. We provide schools with material and aids for practical teaching, organize professional trainings, excursions to production plants and offer internships and internships in our companies.
We are a member of Inspireli Education - the global virtual faculty for architects and the world's largest architect competition, the Inspireli Awards.
Our Alca Academy training center trains over 3 000 experts per year.