Yours in every detail

Each of us is unique. Our personality, tastes, interests and temperament. All of this defines us. And we deserve to live in an environment that reflects our individuality. To the very last detail.

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Four colour designs

We chose the most sought shades and perfectly matched the colours to all products in the INDIVIDUAL range. Therefore, you don't have to worry that your flush plate, trap, click-clack or the angle valve would not match each other or your taps.

Perfect match

Our PVD products allow the entire range to be combined so that it matches with taps and products of other manufacturers.

Unique PVD technology

(from 3Q / 2021)

The luxurious high quality surface finish on PVD products is created by the application of a very thin layer of a special coating that merges with the base material at the atomic level.

The result is increased durability and longevity of the product. But also an elegant look. Either in a super-polished finish or in a brushed option with a more pronounced texture.

Perfect harmony

Whether you opt for the elegant finish in red gold, the dazzling gold, the subtle nickel or the modern gun metal colour, all surface finishes of the FLAT INDIVIDUAL flush plates guarantee the perfect colour fastness and an extreme resistance to abrasion.