Product details

Technical parameters

Functional requirements class I
Big flush5,5 – 8 l
Small flush2,5 – 3,5 l
The default setting of large flush6 l
The default setting of small flush3 l
When installed in a high rise position the tank is functional only with the big flush6 – 8 l
Acoustic group II<30 dB
Working range0,05 – 1,6 MPa
Recommended operating pressure0,5 – 0,8 MPa


  • For installation on plaster
  • For mounting as high, medium and low-lying


  • The cistern is isolated against condensation
  • Water supply from left/right
  • Universal brackets with their spacing and shape are consistent with existing tanks
  • Volume 8 l with a large variety of settings for the flushing water volume
  • Flushing DUAL 3/6 l
  • Water saving setting
  • Design solution ensures the comfort when flushing even for children and handicapped people
  • Material: ABS
  • Norms

    EN 14124, EN 14055
  • 39229000
Quantity (package) 1 pc
Quantity (pallet) 58 pcs
Dimensions (piece) 456×410×142 mm
Dimensions (package) – mm
Weight (piece) 2,9699 kg
Weight (package) – kg
Weight (pallet) 186,0018 kg

    Scope of supply

  • Tank:
  • Fill (1/2") and flush valves
  • Elbow Ø50/40 mm for the low-lying cistern
  • Flush set for the high-lying cistern (cord, handle, lever)
  • Flush set for low level tank installations (button small, large)
  • Fixation set: screw Ø5×40 – 2 pcs, dowel Ø8 – 2 pcs
P0020-ND Lever UNI DUAL complete (WC cistern A93, A94)
P0021-ND Handle + stirrup + string
S0517-ND Friction ring DN50
V0010-ND Waste outlet nut TR 60×3
V0022-ND Flush valve outlet nut
V0023-ND Conical sealing 56×49×6
Z0007-ND Wrapping seal DN60/40
Z0012-ND WC cistern fixation set
Z0014-ND Elbow 370×210×50/40
Z0015-ND Lever for A94
Z0023-ND Smart cover
Z0024-ND Flush button Smart
Z0044-ND WC cistern cover UNI DUAL
Z0047-ND Spacer 3
Z0048-ND Spacer for A93, A94
Z0069-ND Complet flush button UNI DUAL
Product codeEANTechnical sheet
A93-1/2"8594045931051Technický list