Universal trap, concealed, space-saving



  • For wash-basin or sink
  • For installation under plaster
  • To save space under the sink or wash-basin


  • Easy to customize according to user needs
  • Saving space under the sink, trap hidden under the plaster
  • Service access for easy cleaning
  • Straight outlet pipe
  • Connection to waste pipe Ø40/50 mm
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Norms

    EN 274
Quantity (package) 10 pcs
Quantity (pallet) 280 pcs
Dimensions (piece) 300×70×190 mm
Dimensions (package) 590×240×390 mm
Weight (piece) 0,54 kg
Weight (package) 5,4 kg
Weight (pallet) 171,2 kg

    Scope of supply

  • Waste and trap body under the plaster
  • Pipes for connection to wash-basin or sink
  • Nut to connect wash-basin or sink waste 5/4", 6/4"
  • Plastic rosette
S0009-ND Conical sealing 44×39×5
S0323-ND Sealing 45×37×3
S0516-ND Friction ring DN40
S0899-ND Plate for washing mashine trap – white
S0974-ND O-ring 15×2,5
S1184-ND Sealing G5/4"
Z0007-ND Wrapping seal DN60/40
Product codeEANTechnical sheet
A8738595580512460Technický list
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